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We are specialized in unit-linked Life Insurances and tax planning. Unit-linked Life Insurance means that you as the policyholder will decide where your savings are invested in. You will receive the whole return from the underlying investments reduced by the related fees.

Insurance Products

The most popular unit-linked Life Insurance product among our clients is a Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB) Insurance. As its name already tells you as a client can freely choose the underlying investment products according to your wishes. You can invest i.e. in deposit accounts, bonds, mutual funds, stocks and capital guaranteed products. The term of PPB insurances is usually whole of life which means that you can make long-term investment and inheritance tax planning and get the best out of them. Intus Broker has intermediary agreements with several well-established international life companies. We will recommend to you the most suitable product for your needs after careful personal analysis.

We offer a wide range of advisory and brokerage services

Advisory services

We will assist you with the following:

  • find the best single and regular premium Life Insurance products for your needs,
  • invest your funds in a secure and profitable way,
  • find the best performing investment products,
  • evaluate the financial strength of product providers,
  • find the best products when it comes to fees and return,
  • optimize your income and capital gain taxation,
  • optimize inheritance taxation for your family and closest people,
  • plan your inheritance order in the way you prefer.

Brokerage services

For you, the best insurance products available on the European and global markets.

  • High return Deposit Accounts and Bonds
  • Best performing Bond and Equity Funds
  • Mutual Fund Platforms
  • Capital Guaranteed Investments
  • Online Securities Trading Platform

How much do our services cost?

We will give you our recommendation for the best insurance products for free with detailed specification of all fees included. You will receive a breakdown for:

  • insurance company’s fees,
  • investment product fees,
  • our service fees,
  • possible fees for withdrawals.